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Tipapalooza is a novel yet practical and simple tip calculator built for the iPhone®. Calculate an appropriate tip and split the cost of a meal on what looks like a thermal receipt.

  • Enter the cost of your meal and any applicable tax using the intuitive ATM like text entry interface.

Screenshot 2010.12.18 17.08.02

  • Calculate the tip and the number of individuals to split the bill amongst by manipulating their respective sliders.

Screenshot 2010.12.18 17.21.47

  • Use the Round Up toggle switch to round the total per person to the next whole dollar.

Screenshot 2010.12.18 17.22.40

  • Reset the subtotals, tip percentage, and split values by tapping the red clear button to the right of the subtotals.

Screenshot 2010.12.20 20.51.42

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